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Soy, Not Oi! Volume Two was released December 22nd, 2014!

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An international culinary conspiracy! Soy Not Oi 2 is a new project to celebrate the 25th year of the infamous Soy Not Oi Cookbook and to pay tribute to our dear friend Joel Olson who passed this year.


A few years ago, a friend suggested to me that we reprint ‘Soy not Oi’ for the “next generation”. By that, she meant that she thought it would be cool to print a new version, with a handful of new recipes and stories highlighting how Soy not Oi has had an impact on people for the last twenty years. I spoke to Joel about the idea and we both were interested in pursuing this, but time got away from us.

It is now nearing the 25th anniversary of Soy not Oi and as many of you know, my co-editor and our good friend cannot join in this celebration due to his passing this year. This tragedy has affected so many of us who knew Joel and we are still reeling from the news.

Recently, I contacted Eryc Why and Jackie W, two of the main contributors to the original soy (in art and content) and asked if they would be interested in doing a new edition of Soy not Oi as a dedication to our friendship with Joel with all of the proceeds going to his family. The answer was a resounding “YES”!

I’ve also been in touch with big Wayne, Walter, and a few others who are on board to help as well.

We have decided rather than to reprint the original, to create a part two. This will allow for more folks to contribute to the project and celebrate Soy not Oi and Joel along with us. Here is what we are looking for:


Please continue to check on the site for information on the release of Soy Not Oi II!