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“Blending in imaginative illustrations (done by the ultra talented Eryc Why)… there are well over 200 original vegan recipes—and inspired soundtrack choices… You don’t have to be into punk/hardcore, be vegan or vegetarian, or even care much for cooking in order to appreciate the underlying values and message that resonate throughout the book.” Freddy Alva – NO ECHO

“This new volume (Of Soy, Not Oi!), both a collection of new recipes from the Hippycore folks and their friends, and a tribute to Hippycore founder Joel Olson is just plain fucking wonderful… Word-wise, hegemony, conspiracy, and patriarchy all make appearances in the text. As do transnational, corporatist, and “agenda of enslavement,” but when juxtaposed next to a cartoon rutabaga with a Larm hoodie it’s hard to not enjoy the smash the state vibes…The recipes here are real and written and contributed by folks who are actually vegan and have obviously been cooking this stuff in their home kitchens for a while, which gives the book a really genuine feel. I’ve written a cookbook, and I hang out in the cookbook sections of big goofy bookshops often to browse new recipes. These days there are shitloads of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks out there, a lot of which are written for big publishing conglomerates by people who are most likely not vegan. A book like Soy Not Oi! 2 stands way out from these irresponsible wastes of paper and resource.”

– Brooks Headley Maximum Rocknroll (July, 2015) #386

“This is the perfect cookbook because it feels like my trusty friend.. and is full of recipes from people I’d probably hang out with. Plus, there is this one illustration of this cute fat straight edge fish that makes me so happy I forget how scary using an oven is.”

— Donna Ramone Razorcake #86 (2015) p. 110-111

“Overall SOY NOT Oi! #2 is pretty damn amazing. The editors have successfully combined veganism, punk rock, humor, and love for a friend all in one book that is full of information. SOY NOT Oi #2 is a fun book to just sit down and thumb through. The recipes are enjoyable to make – and exceptional to eat!”

— Chris Atu, Profane Existence

“It’s not just a recipe book, it’s kind of an experience.”

— Kirsten Bayes, activist, On Our Hen House

“I’d write a big review but this book is so massive it’s going to take ages to get through. I’m only on page 50 and I’ve already found vegan recipes for things I’ve always wanted to cook. Pretty miraculous.”

Joseph Oremus, Blow The Reactors (UK)

Media Mogul David Hayes has his loyalties tested

Cast off the chains of corporate food dependency! Twenty-five years after the publication of the original Soy Not Oi, the Hippycore Krew returns with a second volume featuring a worldwide cast of contributors! The new Soy Not Oi is filled with over two hundred original vegan recipes, over 100 original drawings of anthropomorphic vegetables gone mad, and suggested musical accompaniments. Plus: essays and articles about the origins of Soy Not Oi and living la vida loca vegan style; a whole chapter on craft beer brewing; inside ribbings, zaniness, and all the rest you would expect from the Hippycore Krew.

Soy Not Oi 2 is a new project to celebrate the 25th year of the infamous Soy Not Oi Cookbook and to pay tribute to our dear friend Joel Olson who passed in 2012. 100% of profits go to his wife and children.

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